I write for a living. I didn’t actually want to before; I mean I just write because the school tells me so, or there’s a script/story that I need to finish and pass for the creative team in my video class. I wrote before because it was a requirement in Communication Arts. But I guess life hits you and you find out that all you wanted to do was not just to go through the motions and do something you already did in a better way. That’s why I am here now. I write. Literally for a living.

I create for a living. I’ve been a graphic designer for about 6 years now and my life as a creative has been (and continues to be) one colorful ride. I’ve been through many design style overhauls, but one thing still remains in the midst of all these changes, I will always and forever be a designer. I remember the time when I first looked and Adobe CS (which looks like a primitive neanderthal as compared to the Adobe CC) and immediately fell in love with it. I create and maintain and conceptualize and create again. This way I am forming my own little universe that consists of different planets that represent each milestone in my graphic design career.

I talk for a living. Yes, you read that right. I literally TALK for a living. I go live on the radio every day (except weekends, or depending I need to fill in for a show). It’s actually my first job, but I never considered it to be. It’s my break from reality, a chance for me to be who I am as people from my city tune in to my voice and my music.

I listen for a living. Not a day goes by that my ears perk up whenever it hears a beautiful mirage of sounds and bars and melodies (no, I did not quote that kid group from the UK) and rhythm and hooks and everything else. Follow me on Spotify and you’ll see how much I value listening.

That’s a basic snippet (shoutout to my fellow SEO people!) of who I am. This blog contains all my thoughts, my feelings, my stuff. If you happen to come across my blog and smiled or felt something after reading a post, my work has been accomplished. If not, well, it will be.

Oh yeah, my name’s David.

P.S. Superhero commentaries and reflections will be occasionally posted here, so forgive me if I sometimes deviate from the over-all theme of my blog posts. Yes, I am also a DC superhero geek. I am the Dark Knight and Superman is an asshole who needs to chill out and die.

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